I should have sent those chrysanthemums…

I celebrated my girlfriend’s birthday the other day; it was our first birthday together and I wanted to make it memorable…

I thought to write her a song!
Noooo… she already thinks my conductor is tone deaf because he invited me to join the choir.

Or, send a bouquet of flowers to surprise her.
Girls love surprises after all. Chrysanthemums… I love chrysanthemums! No no, her parents will think I’m cursing her or something…

A poem, perhaps?
Roses are red, Violets are blue. I’m round and so are you! Ok, maybe not… Never, ever, EVER, tell a girl she looks something other than the most beautiful person you’ve ever laid your eyes upon. You’ll never see the light of the next sunrise if you do.

My budget was tight and my imagination limited. In the end, I settled on a few things:

  • A pretty green striped box: to put all the things in.
  • Hershey’s Dark Chocolates with Almonds: surely all girls love chocolates.
  • A Little Twin Stars Placemat: functional yet cute.
  • A shiny necklace: I’ve learned from many reliable sources that girls like shiny objects.

I presented my gifts with anticipation. As she opened the box, I kept wondering if she would be pleased. When her curiosity turned to delight, I knew I had it right!

Then, the unthinkable happened.

Somebody sent MY girlfriend flowers! To her office!! In front of her colleagues!!! I’ll never hear the end of it from her girlfriends!!!!

Maybe I should have sent that bouquet of chrysanthemums after all.

Update: Turns out the person who sent the flowers was a good friend of ours. PHEW!


5 thoughts on “I should have sent those chrysanthemums…

  1. minna

    Ha, Daniel, this is funny! No flowers but it is the heart that counts. 🙂 I am sure your GF is more than happy to spend her BD with you even with no presents! 🙂

  2. Joyce Yeo

    “happy to spend her BD with you even with no presents” ? Minna! How can you
    encourage D not to give present? Will make him look cheapskate and egotistic!

  3. JoyN

    Must find out what’s her love language first….if it’s not gifts, she’ll forget abt it and leave it around til she sees it again 1 year later!!! Hahahahahahaha….

  4. GF

    The GF does enjoy the occasional gifts though it is not high in the love language ranking. And it needs to be something of her taste.


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