Just sitting there…

If you have been catching the news, you’d know that Mrs Lee Kuan Yew has passed away. There has been so much said about Mrs Lee the past few days, about what a great woman she was. It’s amazing that even though she was mostly a private person, her contributions to our nation is publicly known and recognized.

To me, her most important contribution wasn’t what she had done on the national front (drafting the water agreement, etc.) – it was her immeasurable support to her husband. Because of this, Mr Lee could do what he needed to do as the Prime Minister of a young country.

She knew who she was and the role she had to play. She made her husband look good.

I used to think that it’d be helpful to my fiancé if I could just help him mark some of his students’ scripts (he is a teacher). Wouldn’t it be faster? But he was never really comfortable with that because he felt that it was his responsibility.

Taking a leaf from Mrs Lee’s example (she stayed up with MM Lee as he worked), I thought I’d just sit by him while he worked. And it was good enough. The fiancé felt supported and for some reason could concentrate on his work (he doesn’t have to worry about me if I were next to him, he said).

I learnt that you don’t always have to do something to be useful. Perhaps just being around shows your support. Perhaps sitting there without meddling in his work tells him that you think he is capable of completing his own duties, and that makes him look good.


3 thoughts on “Just sitting there…

  1. penciledindreams

    Someone wise once told me the same thing – make him look good.

    My natural tendency is to make myself look good and expect the other person to be (or become) good. And it gets frustrating for him because I’m sending the signal that he’s not good enough.

    So, daily note to self… make him look good. 🙂

  2. Sapphire

    True. The key is also not to meddle in his work. If you are sitting there and watching the TV and it disturbs him, that is not helping him. Get him a drink or snack while he’s working will be greatly appreciated by him. 🙂


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