The Rat Race

It’s that time of the year again… EXAMS! Sometimes it seems as though this cycle will never end! And it doesn’t feel nice when other people are constantly doing better than you. Even when you’ve tried your hardest. This rat race is indeed annoying and tiring. Sometimes it’s very much like chasing the wind, with neither end nor purpose.

Around you, everyone else always seems to be studying their hearts out, pressuring you to do the same. But is this necessary? I’m not saying don’t study, but perhaps it’d be good to ask ourselves why we study.

Sure, doing your best is always good, but knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing is even better.

I sincerely disliked some of the subjects I’d had to take. I couldn’t see the use of knowing how to differentiate some obscure equation or the chemical make-up of mitochondria or why I had to know what a buckyball was. I definitely have no use for those bits of trivia now. So why’d I cram all that into my head??

Certainly, it got me good grades. But that wasn’t an end in itself. No matter how pointless the subjects seemed to me, I have since realised that tolerating all those torturous lessons and even actually trying to enjoy them was worthwhile effort. Studying and keeping up in school is more than simply learning the knowledge, it’s also about personal growth.

Dragging myself to school has taught me perseverance. Spending hours figuring out solutions with my friends has taught me teamwork and the value of sharing. Not letting bad grades get me down has shown me that it’s so rewarding to keep going. Feeling confused in class has taught me that it is so much better to ask questions boldly than to keep silent and stay lost; it’s taught me to take the initiative and how to look out for myself. These are valuable life-skills that are applicable even outside of school.

Looking back now, no matter how much I’d disliked those subjects, putting in the effort to get those grades has given me much more freedom to pursue my interests now. With acceptable grades, there are so many more options open to you. So, study with a purpose; to groom yourself and to give yourself a boost towards your future. And when bad grades get you down, you’ll know it’s not the end because you’re studying with a purpose other than grades.

With a purpose, comes renewed energy and passion. So yes, study hard, but know that there is more to life than fantastic grades. Perhaps it’d be useful to pause for a moment and take the time to reflect on why you’re doing what you’re doing.


4 thoughts on “The Rat Race

  1. Rachel Boo

    Exams definately isn’t a fun thing becos it requires scarifice and discipline to study. But for those students who persevere , they will recieved the great reward.

  2. Nam Seng

    looking back, I had always wondered where I will be if I had studied just a little harder…. guess I will never know. While you can, do your best so that you need not look back and wonder…. what if….

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  4. tanxuelingamanda Post author


    Yup, I don’t regret any of the effort that I’ve put in 🙂 even though I have no use for most of it now (unfortunately).

    Thanks for all the encouraging comments!
    The blog is updated every wednesday 🙂 so do continue to drop by!


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