Hen’s party

My girlfriends threw me a Hen’s party last weekend. I was blindfolded and ‘abducted’ to a nice hotel suite. It was such a splendid time spent with these friends as they prepared me for the next phase in life – marriage.

When they removed my blindfold, I was surrounded by my friends whom I’ve known for decades, some I’ve known better in the recent years. I was adorned with a tiara, a sash, with a wand in my left hand, and a helium balloon in my right. I was told that I was the ‘princess for the day’, and I didn’t have to lift a finger to do anything – if I’ll do as they say.

We spent the afternoon dipping in the pool and I was educated about how to prepare for the wedding night, and laughed and giggled in girly ways. We then proceeded to a yummy Peranakan dinner and the girls were quizzed on how well they knew the bride. We even had a sing-along session in our room and belted out Disney love songs, which up till now, were only heard in the shower.

But the best part was the time of affirmation we had. With a number of couples getting married in our youth group this year, we’ve seen an emerging tradition where the close friends of the bride-to-be get together to tell her the good things they see in her and the soon-to-be-wed couple.

So that night we all sat around and my friends shared about the strengths they’ve seen in me and in the relationship with my husband-to-be. They showed their appreciation of the friendships that I share with them; they affirmed how we can make a bigger difference in our society as a couple. There were tears, there were hugs, and I got to make each girlfriend wear the tiara and wave the wand when it was their turn to share. The time spent was so precious to me, and if there was a “Courage Tank” in us, it was definitely filled to the brim that night ! It made me so hopeful and encouraged about this huge step I am about to make. I am so privileged to have such a moment, and I am so thankful for these beautiful women in my life, whom I know will celebrate in good times as well as be there for me, when married life gets tough.

A Hen’s party can actually be so meaningful and make a huge difference in the life of the bride-to-be. Attended a Hen’s party lately? Tell me what you did!


One thought on “Hen’s party

  1. Geraldine Wee

    Hi Jeannie

    Didnt know you are getting married. When’s the big day ?
    Congrats and God bless your marriage



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