“Hold them close and then let them go.” – Dr James Dobson

I started a journal to document the important life lessons and our family legacy of values and principles that I’d like to leave my son. One entry reads:

Since we returned from our family holiday, you’ve been displaying “separation anxiety” yet again. Each morning you’ll tell us that you “don’t want to go to Grandma’s house”. Today was no exception. Just that Mum & Dad had to rush off, which made you attempt to hold onto me and left you screaming after me as I walked out of the door, “Mummy, don’t go!”

THAT phrase is commonly heard at cremation services as the bereaved family watches from the viewing gallery, the coffin of their loved one make its way slowly towards the doors of the incinerator.

Of course, your little tantrum was a typical moment of childishness. But more than that, I want it to be a poignant reminder to me that you are SO precious and I need to constantly cherish the gift I have in you and the moments I have left with you.

I also want it to be a life lesson for you to NEVER take those you love for granted.

Mummy is notoriously known by her friends and family to be a busy woman. But I have made a commitment to be there for you and your Dad as a first priority.

You will soon understand that life has its way of making sure other “important” things get in the way, or time will lull us into the false security that our loved ones already know we love and cherish them regardless. Perhaps. Yet I want to be true to myself that if I say I love you so much, I will show it by my very actions; and I want to be true to you that you will feel it so clearly and congruently (through my actions and speech) that you don’t have to even justify it to yourself.


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