Washer Woman and So Much More!

At the moment I’m in the midst of packing 2 bulging pieces of luggage to be lugged all the way to USA. You won’t believe the amount of stuff I’m bringing over. As I pack, I can’t help but think about … how I’m going to have to wash all these clothes on my own!  

I have a feeling I’m going to be missing my mom very very much… especially her expertise with the washing machine!

That aside, I really am going to miss her, and not just for her laundry skills.  But also for her chiding, hugs, advice, silliness and general motherliness. 

Just the other day, my friends and I were talking about our futures. Amidst all the grand career goals we had in mind, the one we held above all others was that we wanted to be mothers. And perhaps that is one of the grandest aspirations. Though we each wanted to make a name for ourselves, what we wanted more was to be there for our own children.  All because of our own mums.  We talked about how we didn’t think we’d have turned out the way we did if not for them, and about how we wanted to do the same for our own kids. Look Moms, you’re leaving a legacy!

Moms, we do appreciate you (even when we’re trying to ignore you). Disheartening though our reactions to you may be sometimes, don’t worry!  We’ll come to our senses soon! We just need to grow into it, like my friends and I have. So, to all the mothers out there who have sacrificed their own aspirations or who strive to juggle home and work, thank you! And most of all, thanks for always making sure we have clean clothes to wear…


2 thoughts on “Washer Woman and So Much More!

  1. jonah

    that’s a very sweet post! 🙂

    your posts are always very thoughtful and heartfelt at the same time. i look forward to your next post!! 😀


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