A Happy Start

Happy New Year! I’m starting this year in USA on a school exchange, where I embark on an exhilarating journey in a beautiful new place.  By the time you see this, my first week of school would be half over. But before the term started, my boyfriend, who has been studying in another part of the US, got to travel with my family and I!

We’ve been in a long-distance relationship for the past two years and one thing that I’ve realized, since the trip, is how valuable occasional breaks from the long distance can be, ie, being able to see each other in person! I know opportunities like these don’t come often, so I thoroughly enjoyed the time we had. It was a precious time of bonding and growth in the midst of shared activities.

Better yet, it was a chance for my family get to know him and for me to see him in the company of my loved ones. It was a joy to watch the interaction and the growing friendship. One of the best memories I took away from the whole trip was the dinner where my father told us that this holiday together was a way of showing my family’s acceptance of my boyfriend. To me, my father’s statement was a sign of affirmation from a person whom I deeply love and respect, and whose opinion I greatly value. 

So, no matter how it turns out between my boyfriend and I, I’m glad that at least for now, we’re getting one part right; the part where my parents have been kept in the loop about our relationship. Beyond that, I’m also glad that they know what goes on in my life and what’s important to me. And now, even though I’m away from them, having kept them in the loop about what goes on in my life means that I can turn to them for comfort or help any time.  That’s something I treasure very much.


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