My Longan Tofu Story

As newlyweds, my husband and I are enthusiastic and excited about having people over and be a part of our new life together. We had an evening gathering at my new home some weeks ago, where old friends came over to hangout and talk about life. I wanted to be a good host and provide some desserts, and yet recognized that realistically, I would come home after a day of work with little preparation time. 

“I’ll Make something simple”, I told myself. During my lunch break that day I had a brilliant idea – Longan Tofu – a light, syrupy sweet dessert. Easy to prepare, and yummy too! I swung by the supermarket and snapped up the two simple ingredients I needed.

When I got home, I proudly showed my husband what I had – one large can of Longan in syrup, and – the star – one cube of silken tofu.

He gave me a perplexed look, and wasn’t sure what I was getting at. He asked, ‘Isn’t it supposed to be almond jelly?’

‘Of course not! It’s Longan Tofu,’ I said.

“Hasn’t he made Longan Tofu ever?” I thought to myself, and hurried into the kitchen to prepare. I happily sliced the tofu into smaller cubes, tenderly placed them into a large serving bowl, and poured the can of longans and syrup in as well. I was rather confused when I saw that the tofu sank straight to the bottom, and remembered that it would usually be floating at the top.

Brushing the thought aside, I enthusiastically told my sister-in-law as she walked into the kitchen, about what I’ve made, showing her the final product. She took one glance at it, gave me the second perplexed look of the night, and burst out laughing. In fact, she laughed so hard she couldn’t stand straight.

I suppose you can say that it was about that time that I realized  I’d used the wrong tofu. I found out too that Longan Tofu doesn’t actually contain any tofu. My husband was right. It is supposed to be jelly.

Thankfully I confessed it to my friends, and most of them were game enough to try my version of Longan Tofu, and we didn’t have to waste any of it. I comforted myself with the fact that it was the healthier choice *wink*. I’m glad too that my husband still expressed his appreciation for the effort I made to be a good host.

Well, I am going to try making the real Longan Tofu again one day, to ‘redeem’ myself and change the Longan Tofu story that has been going around our group of friends.

Made a silly mistake lately? Perhaps it’s more serious than the wrong ingredients for a dessert; perhaps it’s a wrong word used in your communication, or a wrong attitude you had about a situation. Whatever it is, it might not be all that bad you know, you could try making it right the next time round. 🙂

p.s. Got the correct Logan Tofu recipe to share? I’d be glad to get my hands on it!


One thought on “My Longan Tofu Story

  1. Sapphire

    I once mistook creamer as sugar, and kept adding it to my coffee and wondering why it just got thicker but not sweeter.

    It’s just one of those food mistake we all will have at some point in our life! Oh, please ensure you can tell sugar and salt apart…


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