I love Chinese New Year!

I love Chinese New Year. I mean, when can you have a holiday in Singapore and you eat grand meals, snack endlessly and still get paid for it?! That is, if you are unmarried.

I just enjoyed a wonderfully long Chinese New Year holiday, and my cash flow is back in the black. It’s even better now that I am dating. We have a whole new bunch of friends and relatives to collect “ang bao” ; I mean pay our respects to! It’s also during this time that we have the opportunity to learn about the extended family.

Her family loves the hustle and bustle of celebrating Chinese New Year. They will sing karaoke and play mahjong as they catch up with one another. The home becomes vibrant and full of energy amidst the activities and laughter. Relatives will gather and celebrate from house to house as each Uncle or Auntie opens their home for one gathering after another.

Hence why the GF enjoys the occasional quiet family dinner.

My family loves the reunion and the opportunity to relax during the holiday season. We visit one place, everyone gathers there and that’s it. Dinner seems to be the loudest activity before relatives settle into smaller groups to chat and catch up. By tradition, the “children” (anyone who isn’t married) would bring boxes of sparklers to light up in the playground as we relive our childhood days.

Hence why I like to visit Chinatown for the countdown and experience a livelier way of celebrating.

Even though we celebrate our Chinese New Year differently, some things remain the same. It is that time of the year whereby we face relatives whose love language is “asking questions”.

“When are you getting married? You aren’t getting any younger you know.”

“Have you proposed?”

“Have you applied for HDB yet?”

“You should marry this year because this is an auspicious year!” (This dear aunt told us exactly the same thing when we went visiting last year!)

I even have an aunt who keeps a prayer list of all the single cousins that they may find a suitable partner to marry. Including me, the score apparently stands at 7 married and 14 singles.

While we know that they have our best interests at heart, it can be taxing to meet them. Despite having the same questions shot at you over and over again, the reasons for asking those questions are different. For her, the family is concerned with the long waiting time for housing, age of the girl, and a belief that couples should not spend too much time thinking about getting married and just get married. For my family, it is a desire for grandchildren, to see me married so that they can move to a smaller place for retirement.

All in all, a fairly interesting Chinese New Year time spent with friends and family. Now, to see if I can bless more people with my lovely presence.  Yes. I really do love Chinese New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!


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