The gift of wisdom

            There’s a very special gift that men and women in their fifties, sixties and seventies have to offer to the people they come in contact with.  That gift is wisdom – gleaned from years of experience.  Wisdom can encourage and build up, and offer hope in troubled times.  In days gone by, extended families lived together in the same house – young and old.  People were able to get fresh perspectives, just by hashing out the events of the day at the dinner table.  But, in today’s mobile society, most of us live away from our families, and this valuable interaction between generations is lacking.  

If you’re getting on in years, I’d urge you to find someone younger in your life that you could befriend.  That frustrated young mother of a toddler down the street might love to have an older woman come by for coffee, to listen and to say, “That’s normal.  I remember when I felt just that way.”  The young man in the office down the hall needs to hear from someone older and wiser, “You’re doing a good job.  Keep up the good work.”  

If you’re younger, seek out someone older and wiser at work or in your neighbourhood, and ask for their advice.  You’ll find that wisdom is a precious gift, and sharing it benefits both the giver and the receiver.


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