Skis & Dreams

Another month has passed and with it, more new experiences! What I want to share is how daring to plunge myself into a new environment has helped nudged me in figuring out what I want for my future.

This winter, I learnt how to ski.  I started by spending much of the time sliding around the snow without much control.  But once I got over my initial anxiety and got into the rhythm of it, the rush one gets from flying down the slopes was absolutely exhilerating.  And it is highly addictive!

This same winter, I also started volunteering in a nearby autism classroom. And like skiing, it was daunting at first. I was plunged into a roomful of strangers with foreign accents and kids zipping around as though I wasn’t even there.  But after a couple of sessions, I got into the rhythm of the class. I learnt to anticipate what was to come and how to connect with the kids. Slowly but surely, I began to feel like the kids were responding to me. What satisfaction I felt! And though this rush is of a different sort, it too is exhilarating and addictive in its own way.  After this experience, I definitely intend to come back for more, and that’s how I think I’ve decided to gear my path towards working with children in the future.

Have you tried anything new lately?  Go ahead and do it!  You never know when you’re going to discover a new love or passion that could change your life.


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