Grass can be green anywhere!

I’ve been “independent” for about two months now! And though I do miss home, the experience here has been great! I’ve made new friends and have had my horizons broadened so much.

This exchange has brought me to the other side where I had thought the grass was always greener.  The academic system and the students are pretty different from what I was used to inSingapore.  There is much more flexibility and every effort made in class is rewarded regardless of whether answers are right or wrong.  As a result, a relaxed learning environment is fostered where students do not have to be overly stressed about grades.  Evidently, some of the grass does seem a tad greener.  Well, some of it is, but being exposed to this new environment has also helped me realize how much I appreciate home and all that we’ve been given inSingapore.  We may whine about how much we have to study back inSingapore, but being pushed so much does take one’s thinking skills to the next level.  And those skills have been pretty useful so far.

Furthermore, beyond that, these experiences and learning would not have been as meaningful without the company of friends and the other people whom we’ve met! 

I was fortunate enough to come toUSAwith a bunch of like-minded Singaporeans.  Now, more than schoolmates, we’ve all become friends.  And together, we’ve been blessed with people who’ve taken the time and effort to look out for these “blur” exchange students from the city, who had no idea how to put on snow chains or that a 2 hour drive was considered “not too far” or how to bake cookies from scratch.  I’m proud to say we know those things now.

Yes, this experience so far has taught me much, from how to appreciate what I already have and how to appreciate new perspectives as well.  And this was achieved by keeping an open mind and maintaining a willingness to learn.

 Have you had to make some new adjustments in your life recently like job relocation, missions or overseas assignments? Share some of your experiences with me!


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