My Shoe Story

I’ve always been a believer that good, comfortable shoes are essential; with the exception of high-heeled shoes, of course. But shoes took on a different meaning for me recently. It’s actually my son’s pair of shoes – it evokes a sense of gladness and gratefulness within me.

Here’s the story – it all started in his 3-day/2-night school camp that he attended. Every student had to bring two pairs of shoes; a black pair of waterproof shoes and another pair for the usual rugged camp use.

This pair for general camp use is also the same pair of shoes that he wears to school daily. At one of the hiking activities during the camp, his left shoe got caught in some thick mud that the front part started gaping.

When my son returned home after camp, he recounted what had happened to his shoes.  In the same breath, he asked for superglue to seal the gap so that he could continue wearing them to school.

It struck me that this is not necessarily a typical request of a 15-year-old with shoes in this condition. In our highly “disposal” age and living in Singapore, it’s more likely for a teenager to ask for a new pair of shoes.  Would I even wear a pair of shoes in this state myself?

It also dawned on me that I may well be reaping what my husband and I have sown in our children very early on in their lives. Amongst the many “seeds” sown over the years, perhaps this one is bearing fruit in this instance – your sense of worth is not dictated by stuff,  as in what you may have or wear; regardless of the common messages communicated.

The camp was in January and three months later, my son is still wearing this pair of shoes (with a gaping front) to school.  Superglue never quite came to the rescue. My son knows that he will readily have a new pair of shoes when he decides that he can’t walk in this pair anymore.

I have personally found my (son’s) shoe story heartening. I am humbled. I am blessed as a parent.  I have stories about my son’s twin sister too. That’ll be another time.


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