Missing My Mom

Oh the joy and travail of independence. Who would have thought leaving the “nest” means endless chores of cleaning, laundry and eating more cup noodles in a week than you have ever eaten in your lifetime. This is the first year I am spending Mother’s Day away from home. I mean, really away – 8700 miles to be exact. Ever since I started work in Singapore, I realized how much my mom has sacrificed for me the past 22 years.

Growing up and being self-reliant has been the most trying time of my life. For example, the weather made very little impact on my daily routine when I was at home in the US; but now the weather determines if it’s going to be laundry day for me! While at work, I am plagued by questions that have never crossed my mind, like “Did I unplug the iron?” Now that I am away from home, I feel like I am doomed to do these chores forever…until I get a wife. Just kidding!

All jokes and lament aside, I really miss my mom this Mother’s Day. Not just because of the chores I have to do myself, but I really miss being with her.

I miss telling jokes that make her laugh.

I miss her encouraging words.

Most of all, I miss just being there for her as a son. 

Even though I will not be with my mom this Mother’s Day, I think it will be the first time when I truly understand the sacrifices moms around the world make for their children. So thank you, to all the mothers out there! Your kids may fail to give you the appreciation you deserve, but I’m sure they love you and are so blessed to have you.


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