“Happy Anniversary, Mum!” Climbing into our bed, our 4-year-old planted a kiss on my cheek with a grin. He then leaned over to my husband and did likewise.

“Thank you, that’s so sweet of you to remember!” My husband and I had mentioned our upcoming anniversary several times over the past week, but hardly expect him to wake us up with such a thoughtful gesture.

“Wait! I’ve got a surprise for you!” He clambered off the bed and we heard him opening the cabinets in the kitchen. Three minutes later, he was climbing back onto our bed, this time with his box of tucked under one arm and a bottle of beef jerky under the other arm.

“This is for you! You like Pez, don’t you? You can play with it later after breakfast, okay?”

It didn’t occur to our son that he didn’t actually buy the “presents” and was in fact giving us what was ours or that we’d bought. Regardless, I was touched that he was willing to share his sweets/toys with me, even if just for a day. It amazed me that he even thought of how that wasn’t an appropriate gift for my husband and selected something else for Dad.

He had done something similar on my husband’s birthday. He went to his DVD rack and selected a dozen of his children’s DVDs and asked for my help to wrap them up to present to Daddy for his birthday.

Today when I picked him up from school, the school administrator informed me that he had made a surprise for me for Mothers’ Day.

“You are the product of our love, Toby!” And boy, are my husband and I grateful and proud of it!!



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