What Happened to Normal?

 The three judges of the new TV reality series, Glee Project, were debating about which of the three least impressive performers they should not call back as a contender for the new cast member on the successful TV show, Glee. One of the candidates up for elimination was a guy the judges described as the person who most “got it together”. He had issues in the competition because of his obvious awkwardness in the more sexual scenes he was required to do.

 In an earlier episode, Cameron was captured on camera in tears as he shared with his mum over the phone how he felt he’d cheated on his girlfriend back home. The “crime”: a fellow competitor had decided to turn on the heat and score points by initiating a kiss with him during a music video take.

“You’ve to put your own beliefs aside and act the part of your character.” [Implying: You can separate your convictions from yourself because it’s just acting.]

 “Sexuality is like putting on lots of different clothes and dresses.” [Implying: It doesn’t change who you are; it’s just like playing dress-up.]

 The judges were advising Cameron on how to cope better in the competition. I thought about how we often rationalize the behaviour that we intrinsically know is wrong but do anyway.

 The conclusion? The judges found Cameron to make an interesting potential character on the show. However, for better or worse, Cameron decided his time was up and the opportunity better given to one who would give anything to do the things he personally struggled with. He walked out of the competition and gave his place up to a guy who later went on to win the competition. (familiar scenario?)

 “Ouch” – or “Wow”? What do you think of Cameron? Was he brave to have made a stand, or did he chicken out and leave the competition prematurely because he could no longer take the heat?

 Whatever it is, it sure reveals how values have changed. What was once considered the norm no longer is. Cameron represented what should be normal behaviour which thankfully appeared attractive to the judges because it had – sadly – become a rarity.


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