Time with My Child

 Children’s Day is just around the corner and I’m thinking about how to spend the time with the kids or what to do together with them. When they were younger, I used to buy a small and cheap gift for each of them on Children’s Day. Now they both say they just want to spend time with me.

In busy Singapore, so many working parents are just hard pressed for time to spend with their kids. But I think we just have to make time. I remember one Saturday afternoon when my younger preschooler was having her nap and Hubs was with her; my son and I went for a walk around our neighborhood and explored nearby playgrounds. He took me around the place. We talked, held hands and walked. We discussed about the trees and plants. We had unhurried time to pause to examine ants and other insects at work. We played at the playground. And all that time he kept saying, “Mum, we’re spending time together.”

I treasure getting such time with each of the kids because it’s such moments that I get to understand their thoughts or discuss an issue with them or address their fears or questions. So different from the frequent scene of them running around the house, fighting over toys, son playing Transformers versus dinosaurs war with sound effects or daughter with marker in hand and “Oh no!” from me.

When I was younger I asked different people why they wanted to have kids, and got varied responses (feel free to contribute your response to add on to this list):

 “It’s just the usual thing to do”

 “Because I want to have a family”

“Never thought of it. Just have them”

“So that I have someone to take care of me when I’m old”

One answer that came from a previous work partner was “so that we learn how to love.” Initially I thought that was such a cliché cheesy answer. My thoughts were “why not get a dog instead?” But now after having my kids, I understand what he meant.

We have so much to learn from kids and grow to be better people, if we stop to really listen and spend time with them. So this Children’s Day, set aside some quantity and quality time with them. And share with us your stories. We’ll be interested to hear from you.

Note: Download this free craft from us in celebration of Children’s day and have fun decorating it with your child! For more parenting articles, please visit our website. www.family.org.sg .


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