My Grandma

Here is a typical daily exchange with my grandma that starts around 4pm in the afternoon:

Grandma: “What time do you want to eat tonight?”

Me: “Ummm… about seven?”

Grandma: “Ok”

Then at around 5pm:

Grandma: “Eh, it’s almost six! Still don’t want to eat??”

Me: “Not yet, just now I told you I’d eat at seven.”

Half an hour later:

Grandma: “Have you had dinner yet?”

Me: “Noooooooooooo.”

Grandma: “Why haven’t you eaten??”

Me: “I said I’d eat at seven!”

Finally at 7pm, I would sit down to have my dinner.  After dinner, I would continue with what I was been doing before dinner.

Grandma: “Eh, why haven’t you eaten??? It’s already past seven!”

Me: “I just finished eating.” (-.-)

Grandma: “Oh.”

If she spotted me having my dinner, she’d wander from the living room to the dining table to interrogate me about whether I’ve eaten this dish or that dish.  Either that or she’d tell me numerous times within a single minute that there was soup to drink, chicken or fish to eat. Mind you, all these would be right in front of me on the dining table where I could see them or on my plate!  If any of us went for second helpings, she’d exclaim that we were eating too much but if we didn’t, she’d complain that nobody liked her food!

Yes, you should have gotten it by now – my grandma drives me nuts! I’ve lost my temper with her on many occasions. All it took was her simply asking me something and that would be enough to trigger my horrible reaction.  It’s hard to be patient with her and easy to forget that she’s a lovely person too.

When I was younger, she was the one I hid behind when my grandfather got mad and wanted to punish me.  She was the one who rocked the sarong non-stop till I fell asleep safe in its cocoon.  She was the one who offered to advice me on how to sprint when I first started running.  Even at this age where most would be happy to enjoy the fruits of their labor, she cooks all my favorite food! My grandma has been through much and achieved much in her lifetime – from taking care of her family as a young girl, to holding the national record in one of the throw events in Track and Field some fifty years ago.

Yes, my grandma is a wonderful person in her own right and I should remember that and treat her as such. I need to appreciate her more.  Not only for those things, but also just for the simple fact that she’s family (even though she does nag a tad too much). Recently, I attended a talk on the power of words – both negative and kind.  Harsh words cut deep but kind words can have a far greater effect than we realize.  I’ve been trying to be more polite to my grandma these past few weeks and already I can see her mood lighten – she comes to me to talk about stuff other than food (hooray for that!). I hope I can keep this up!


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