Pressing on towards Graduation

Studying is getting more and more tedious. By this second semester of my third year, I am sooooooooooo ready for this all to be over.  Yet, I have 7 more essays, 3 final exams, and 2 presentations in these last 5 weeks before the academic year is done.  School is one place where you’d definitely learn some form of resilience. Just having to get up at 6am every morning for 6 years of primary school is probably enough to give you some idea of what discipline is like.

By now, with the content of some classes being so repetitive, I have come to realize that I’m not in school for the content but for the important life skills I am acquiring. If someone says something, ask really? On the other hand, if the statement is a fact, just accept it e.g. it takes 100 degrees celsius to reach boiling point. It would be rather futile to challenge that.

School’s not just about memorizing everything then regurgitating it during exams (though that is sometimes necessary). More importantly, it is about learning how to think. Things are a lot more exciting when you get to try out your own ideas and have them honed with constructive critique from peers and instructors.

Knowing how to think is important in this rapidly changing world. Especially now, when post-modernist ideas may tell you to dump certain “traditional” ways of thinking e.g. religious beliefs or that morals and values are just social constructs. But if we just went along with that flow, are we not thinking and simply following again? Not all that sounds “right” and feels “free” is right or free. We’ve got to really think about these ideas and what their consequences may be. Would the result really be Utopia?

See, when you believe that school is not all about preparing for exams/assignments, but perhaps about answering bigger questions, it would be more interesting. Work becomes easier to bear, even where there’s a full load ahead. All we can do as students can do is to plod on and know that there will be an end sometime. I can see it now at least. One year to graduation! …and then probably a WHOLE LOT more work ahead, I mean “real” work. In the mean time, I get to practice expressing my opinions and thoughts in a “safer” environment where mistakes may be less costly and more tolerable.  Graduation is my light at the end of the tunnel. J For those in the same predicament, hang in there too!


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