Make a Difference

Last year, I had an opportunity to help deliver sofas donated by V.Hive to five needy families in Singapore.  Being rather new to Singapore at the time, I initially thought my colleagues and I would be going to a “poor neighborhood” somewhere in the corner of Singapore. So it was to my disappointment that our first stop was in a normal HDB block, not too far from the center of town and not unlike the one I am staying in. That day, I met five wonderful families whom I would have never known they were struggling otherwise.

It served as a reminder to always be sensitive to the community that I live in. It also opened my eyes to the growing need of families in Singapore who struggle financially. Unfortunately the new reality here is that a lot of families are struggling to make ends meet. With the rising costs of living and the housing crunch, they are facing some new challenges. Although it’s tempting to shift both the blame and responsibilities to the government, I believe ordinary people like us can make a tremendous impact on our community.

Just last week, I saw V.Hive featured in the Straits Times for their generous work. Michael Song, the director of V.Hive has donated over 350 household items since 2007. That’s one great way to contribute to your community and an example of someone who puts his words into action. I hope I can learn from him and put this sentiment into action as well.

Others may contribute through different expressions such as volunteering time (as a family) to visit or help another family in need in practical ways like coaching their children in their studies or playing a sport with them. That is also one excellent way to expose the more fortunate children to the harsh realities of the needy and underprivileged in Singapore.

So this year, I want to make it my goal to be sensitive to those around me and to impact a family or an individual in some way, shape or form. It is my hope that doing so will make an impact, big or small, in someone’s life.


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