21st Century Woman Redefined

When I first met Ming Li some six years ago, she was heavily pregnant with her third child. When I had a chance to speak with her later, I found her to be a sincere and soft-spoken lady.

Little did I know that belied the soft demeanor was actually a woman of great strength and faith!

ML was born to a doctor and a pharmacist. After completing her ‘A’ Level here in Singapore, she went to England to read law. In university, she met her now husband, E, and together they wrote songs and dreamed of cutting a CD one day. That dream became a reality last weekend when they launched an album which is a collection of songs they have written over the last 20 years together during joyous occasions as well as through trying times.

Upon graduating with a law degree in 1993, ML came back to Singapore and she started work at a government-linked company.  A few years later, she and E got married and became parents to 3 wonderful children. In between that, she briefly practiced as a corporate lawyer before working as a church administrator in the Music Department. I heard jokes about her being an overly qualified administrator.

Both ML and E have been active church leaders. But according to friends who have known them in the last 2 decades, they have always been the same down-to-earth and unassuming folks.

After their kids came along, ML and E decided that they would live simpler lives in a smaller house in order for her to stay home full-time to look after her 3 children (and a cat) without domestic help. It is not without challenges and she is quick to recognize her limitations. In her own words, she said “I had an ideal of the perfect mum that I was going to be … I realize that I can’t do everything and my philosophy is some things gotta go and it aint going to be me! so the house is less… far less than immaculate. We’ll live.”

Barely months after she gave birth to her 3rd child, she was back as co cell group leader of about 15 people. I still remember attending those sessions at her house where she would be in and out of her room checking on her baby, settling disputes between her 2 boys and trying to be involved in the sessions with the rest of us. Talk about multi-tasking!

Here is a woman who took the road less traveled, not by spending her years climbing up the corporate ladder but choosing to invest her life and time in things that may seem insignificant and mundane to others but truly matter to her – her faith, family, music! So to this special lady – I salute you!


2 thoughts on “21st Century Woman Redefined

  1. Eric Chen

    I know this couple … in fact we were in Uni together. I can say that what you have written is exactly true. Lovely couple and testimony of the God they glorify in all they do. 🙂

    1. Focus on the Family Singapore

      Hi Eric

      Apologies for the late reply. Yes, they are an amazing couple. Multi-talented and yet humble. May God continue to use them for His glory!

      Diana Chan
      Social Media Strategist
      Focus on the Family Singapore


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