Our Response to Singapore’s National Conversation

Over here at Focus on the Family, we’ve been excited about the dialogue arising from the Singapore National Conversations initiative. It has been interesting to see members of the local community sharing their views on national identity, culture and the values that bind us together.

As our contribution to the dialogue, we have put forward a paper to highlight the cultural changes necessary to turn around our fertility rate:

  1. Recognize the economic value of secure and functioning families
  2. Reframe the “Singapore dream”
  3. Reinforce safeguards for our values

You can find the paper on our website.

PM Lee, during his National Day Rally this year, said that Singapore has to be “a home where people want to get married, have children and bring up the next generation”. 

For the next few weeks we will be featuring a series of posts about the current family values and trends that are shaping our society. We hope the Family Conversations series gets you thinking and talking about what it means to be Singaporean and how our values and beliefs influence our national identity. Stay tuned!


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