Gary’s Musings on Relationships

Recently, we discovered that a Focus friend has started a series of very inspiring and educational FB posts on relationships and we thought you would like to subscribe to his page too – Gary’s Musings on Relationships

Here’s a teaser:

Women and Randomness
Women may appear to be very random at times, but to them it’s not.

Relationship Point No. 5 (Read the other points on Gary’s Musings on Relationships)
Let me explain from my simple illustration:
Women are relationship experts. You can have 8 ladies (a lady mentioned to me that 8 was too much but she could easily do 5) all talking together at the same time on the following topics – children, work, secondary school, Les Mis, domestic helpers, ambitions, etc. And everyone knows what each person is saying. They then end it with a group hug. Individually, her brain is also thinking of many things and connecting everything together. It is a super highway of communication and data exchange.

Guys on the other hand, can only communicate effectively with one other person at a time (as seen is the second illustration). Even then, it takes considerable effort to hear what the other person is saying if it has nothing to do with sports or personal interests. It is a one way traffic. On their own, man have the ability to think about absolutely nothing (something which women will never understand). Men just stare into nothingness and brain waves come to minimal. But that’s another topic.


Back to randomness, I remember talking to a lady friend and the conversation went something like this:
Me: I have to do a talk at the zoo for parents tomorrow afternoon.
Friend (smiling): Oh.
Me: I don’t like the heat and I can imagine myself being miserable in it.
Friend (smiling): Ooo so nice.
Me (beginning to wonder): It’s tough trying to get the attention of all the parents and their kids in the open atrium, in the heat.
Friend (smiling): That’s lovely.
Me: Hello! What are you talking about?
Friend: I’m having my wedding near the Mandai area, and having an outdoor one. It’s going to be a lovely evening, and my guests can see the lovely gardens.
Me: Hey I’m talking about my talk.
Friend: Ooooh. I’m a gal.

The point is this, while it may frustrate the men at times, learn to cherish the uniqueness of these ladies. It makes life a little more colourful and gives men the opportunity to roll their eyes and talk about women.


Gary Koh is an accidental relationship expert on Facebook who may write a book someday if his enthusiasm doesn’t wane – or when his wife needs the money.

Do note that some of the posts are Gary’s insights from reading and attending various relationship books and seminars by the real experts, with his personal touch of humour and conviction (after being married for more than 10 years) added.


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