Eggs – Fresh or Frozen?

May 22, 2013

In the recent report Let single women freeze eggs? Many say yes in poll (ST, May 20), the poll results indicated that almost 50 percent were unsure if they would support social egg freezing.

Egg freezing is a helpful medical advancement for those undergoing treatment that would be detrimental to their ability to reproduce. However, when considering social egg freezing for the purpose of developing one’s career first, the fear of the quality of the egg, infertility and delaying parenthood, we need to be aware of some of the facts of freezing eggs.

For instance, the probability of a live birth from a frozen egg is currently less than 6% per egg and even slimmer if they are from older women. So if you’re looking at increasing your chances of a pregnancy later in life through egg freezing, don’t get your hopes too high. During the process and the wait, the eggs could also be damaged and rendered useless. In fact, doctors say that older women are generally more susceptible to IVF related risks and complications in pregnancy coupled with other health-related issues they may have.

Having and raising children is one of the most celebrated experiences we will ever have in our life. They deserve our very best. Raising children does take a good amount of finances and we need to be responsible to provide them with what they need to grow into healthy and resilient children to handle life’s ups and downs. Having children in our 40s when we are more ‘financially and emotionally’ ready probably means loading our children with the additional responsibility of taking care of us in our old age; and this would likely coincide at a time when they are just about to start their own exciting new life stage of marriage, career, new home and family.

The medical fact remains that the best time for a woman to bear a child is in her mid-twenties, and of course within the boundaries of a secure marital relationship. Perhaps what is needed is a change in our mindsets – to put family before career and start a family while we are still young.

Lim Yu Ming
Executive Director
Focus on the Family Singapore



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