Just Say No

Feeling overwhelmed by an “out-of-control” schedule? Maybe it’s time you learned to say “No.” If other people see you as a person who will agree to anything, you will constantly end up being the first one they ask when they need a volunteer. There’s always some new project at school or work that needs doing and it’s easy to feel obligated to step in and help, particularly when you don’t think anybody else is doing it.

The trouble is, most people who do all the work are the ones who have the least free time to help. And that’s not healthy for anyone. We shouldn’t ignore our own well-being in order to please others. Sometimes the only way to unclutter an overly-cluttered schedule is to learn that magical little word, “No.” Then stick to it, even if they try to make you feel guilty. As one wise friend used to say, “If they have the nerve to ask, I have the nerve to say no.”


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