Sunday Breakfast

Amos and NathanI’ve always placed great importance on creating memories with my sons. Nathan is 14, and I make it a point every Sunday to go out for breakfast, just me and him.

He doesn’t say much during this time, though, so I used to think that quality time wasn’t one of his 5 love languages; that Sunday breakfast wasn’t that important to him.

It thus took me by surprise when he took the Love Languages quiz at the Father-Son Camp: quality time is his primary love language!

“Why don’t you say anything during the breakfasts?”

“Because you being there is encouraging enough.”

“Maybe you can share a bit more next time so that I know you enjoy it?”

“Okay Dad.”

It was little moments like these during the Camp that I really appreciate. As men, we usually engage in activities together – but during the camp, we were ‘forced’ to engage at a level that we were not comfortable with.

It caused us to discover that we shared the same love language, and led to him asking how my wife and I met. I also found out how important it was for him to have me listen, and to allow him to make his own decisions – even if it meant him making a decision I knew would have results that could only go downhill.

What was really special to me was hearing that Nathan wants to do it again. I ribbed him about being over-aged (the Camp is ideally for boys between the ages of 11 and 14) but he didn’t care. He insisted that he would do it again, if not as a camper, then at least as a helper, or get involved in some way.

Nathan has grown to appreciate the importance of creating memories, and I hope this value transcends to his children, and their children. After all, memories are the only things we can take with us in our journey through life that can last through the generations – definitely not iPads or toys, for that matter.

As for me … even though Sundays are the only days that I can sleep in, I’ve made up my mind to wake up each time and go for breakfast. Because these memories we create are the ones we’ll treasure in our hearts always.

Nathan, Dad loves you and I want you to grow up to be someone after God’s heart. 🙂

Amos Ang is the Strategy Head for City Strategies Team at CruSingapore. He is happily married to Karen and has two sons: Nathan, 14, and Josiah, 9.


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