Parent Support Group

Wondering which activities are best for your kindergartener?  Well, why not ask your colleagues?  Networking with other parents is a great way to learn about the many after-school programmes available to kids. One mom used her son’s soccer games to get advice on everything from finding a math tutor to getting her daughter to stop talking in class!

Wondering which teacher gives the most homework? Why not ask the other moms at the dance class? Looking for a good guidance counsellor? Check with the other dads during your son’s basketball game.

Staying in touch with other parents is an invaluable source of information. But to do it, you have to be involved yourself. An absent parent is an uninformed parent. So take the time to be there when your kids get their first unassisted goal. And don’t forget to use the time to your advantage. The parent support group may be the best friends you ever have.


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