Looking for Good

Try this out for a moment. Look around and locate something that’s green. If you’re in the car, you may see a green light or a green car. Whatever the case, I’ll bet you didn’t have much trouble, did you?

The point is, it’s not hard to find something if you are looking for it. This is true in marriage as well. Everyone has flaws, and couples often tend to look for the bad in each other. If you think your spouse is lazy and never helps you with the kids or around the house, you’ll find yourself looking for actions that prove your point. Whatever you have in your mind, you’ll find evidence to support it. Eventually you might end up doing things yourself – overloaded, stressed up and resentful.

The key to building a strong marriage is to focus on the good instead of on the bad. You’re bound to find whatever you look for, so why not look for something positive? And don’t forget to praise them when you find it.


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