+4 Other Siblings: A life full of excitement, some bickering, and plenty of love.


When people find out that I have 4 siblings, many would say “Wouldn’t the house be noisy? Wouldn’t you always fight?” It’s true that when we were young, and even till today, as teenagers, we often get into tiny squabbles over nothing. But at the end, we always come together and we apologize to one another.

Alicia calls me the “family peacemaker” because I’m calm. Maybe it’s because I see things from a different perspective; from young, my teachers have said that I have a maturity beyond my years, so I feel that I can help to solve any arguments between my brothers and sisters.

I feel we should try to be understanding because you never know whether your siblings have gone through a bad day. Always talk to one another because they (your siblings) would always be the ones who are there for you. They will never give up on you although they might say hurtful things to you. Just know there has to be a reason for every action.

Thus, when I try to keep the peace, it’s important for me not to take sides, and to tell the parties involved how their actions and words would hurt one another.  I try to make sure that both parties are able to reach a consensus.

At times, I do wish to be the only child … but I feel that without the support of my siblings, parents and family members, I would not be the person I am today.

My parents have constantly looked at our strengths from young, and from there, tried to mould us to be a better person. Also, whenever we do team activities, we always rely on each other and use our different strengths to help us succeed. In the process we would help each other improve our weaknesses.

I am close to my four brothers and sisters, and am happy living with them. I can’t wait to continue doing things with them because there are many things that I would love to experience with them.

Having four siblings is truly better.

This guest post comes courtesy of Annabelle Chin, one of Singapore’s first quintuplets. She is the fourth sibling and the youngest daughter. If you are curious about life with quintuplets, click here to read the previous post with Annabelle and her parents, Humphrey and Dorothy.


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