The Power of a Believing Spouse

One of the greatest gifts you can give your spouse is to believe in them. Sometimes the difference between pursuing a dream and staying on the couch is as simple as having somebody say “You can do it!” And what better way to strengthen your spouse’s self-esteem than to encourage them when they have a goal?

One of a husband’s greatest needs is to have a wife who respects and believes in him, no matter what. Even when he fails, he wants to think that his wife is behind him, cheering him on, saying “Don’t worry about that; you’ll make it next time!” And wives need a husband who will listen to their dreams and encourage them to pursue their career and personal goals and stay the course, no matter how hard it gets.

When life knocks us for a loop, it’s nice to know there’s somebody in our corner cheering us on. Never underestimate the power of a believing spouse.


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