Reflections on Family Bonding

January 13, 2014

Recently, two generations of a Lim family renewed their marriage vows (Saying ‘I do’ for the third time in 62 years of bliss, Jan 2) at a vow renewal ceremony. The commitment of the senior Lims to each other is indeed an inspiring example for us to follow.

I have been married for 28 years and as a family, we have weathered the storms of life’s disappointments and danced together during times of jubilation. Love and faithfulness have been the fundamental glue in our commitment to this marriage.

It is heartening that our government is making special efforts to commemorate Family through activities and campaigns throughout the year. Even as we celebrate families as a nation through these initiatives to commemorate United Nation’s International Year of the Family’s 20th anniversary, let’s also take the time to deliberate on areas in our marriage or family life that we would like to improve on.

If your marriage needs a boost, consider attending a marriage enrichment program. If you are facing some difficult marital issues, consider going for counseling sessions. Let your marriage last your lifetime, just like the Lims’. If you are a supervisor at work, you can discuss with your staff if there is any work arrangement to help enhance their family life without compromising on productivity. You may be surprised at some of the innovative work arrangements your staff can propose to everyone’s advantage.

It’s not too late to focus on your family – make the effort to celebrate your family this year if you haven’t already been doing so, or restart if you’ve stopped for some reason. Remember the many activities and programs lined up to help you kick-start your resolution!

Mr Lim Yu Ming
Executive Director
Focus on the Family Singapore


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