Education has always been a hot topic in our family – Tuition? No tuition? Academic enrichment? Sports programs? Artistic development? The list can go on and on.

Our bottom line?  To help our children discover and develop their giftings and talents to the best of their abilities.

In our family, we see educating our children as a constant pursuit, one that goes beyond formal school attendance. Whether it be trips to the market, visits to the library, excursions to the museum or family holidays  abroad, we intentionally find opportunities to expose our children to math, language, history, geography, physical and social development.

The ChildrenWhile this all may sound ideal, I must confess that maintaining this perspective on education has grown more challenging, especially with our oldest in Primary school this year.  It has been hard looking beyond all the homework and graded assessments, not to mention the fact that almost every other classmate of our daughter’s attends some sort of enrichment class outside of school.

Currently, we’ve made it a point to only enroll our children in one sports enrichment class each.  Our son has chosen football and our daughter, gymnastics.  We are firm believers that physical activity enables the holistic development of our children.  Research even suggests that involvement in sports not only helps with physical development but also has a long-lasting impact on the learning abilities and discipline of a physically active child.

One thing we make sure that we do is to plan time for play-dates, this to us, is also time to develop social skills and an understanding of group dynamics while having fun!

As parents, we constantly remind each other of our bottom line and the importance of looking at the long haul.  This helps us resist the temptation of valuing our children based solely on their academic performances and instead, focus on developing well-adjusted individuals who are aware of their giftings and pursue them with excellence; individuals who understand the true value of life-long learning.

Sue-Ann Lee is a mother of two (with another on the way).  She enjoys nothing better than daydreaming of new ways for her family to take the stress out of living busy city lives.  Her children, Rainbow Sky and Chubs Salami – nicknames they gave themselves – are 7 and 4.


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