Time to Give Thanks

The year is fast coming to a close. Chances are you have experienced your fair share of joys and pains, gains and losses, successes and failures. Before the hectic holiday season kicks into full swing, it might be an opportune time now to look back and reflect on the days of 2014 with an attitude of thanksgiving.

Being thankful for the year may not come easy for some, especially for those of us who have endured trying and difficult seasons. It may be of encouragement to note that the benefits of gratitude are many. A recent Forbes article cites research showing its positive impact on physical health, with grateful people reportedly experiencing fewer aches and pains and enjoying better sleep. Psychological well-being also improves. In short, having an attitude of gratitude increases happiness, reduces depression and stress, and even builds physical resilience.

In fact, in the United States and some other parts of the world, thanksgiving is deemed so important that it is celebrated as a national holiday right about this time every year! Family and friends gather for a time of feasting, fellowship and most importantly, to give thanks for all that they have.

Though we hardly catch a whiff of this holiday in Singapore, we can still make the effort to pause and have our own time of thanksgiving. Gather your family or friends for a nice meal and have everyone share the things each of you is grateful for. On your own, make a list of items you appreciate and keep it as a reminder that though you may have seen tough times in 2014, there are still things that you can give thanks for.

May this expression of gratitude help you bring this year to a good close, and prepare you for a brand new year ahead!


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