Three Hopes for 2015

I was asked to write a piece on my hopes and dreams for 2015. The tricky part was that I had to focus on myself – my dreams, my aspirations, my heart. I was asked to leave my role as a mother and wife aside, and quite understandably so, because I would have automatically included my family.

Focus on myself – as a woman, as an individual.


Breathe, woman, breathe.

Only after embarking on the task did I realise how difficult it was. Everyone knows, that embedded in the heart of every woman is the desire to see her family and children thrive.

Photo credit: June Yong /

Photo credit: June Yong /

But try, I did.

I searched, pondered and prayed, and uncovered three hopes for 2015.

  1. To be a better writer

I’ve been writing on my blog, mamawearpapashirt, since 2011. Four years down and I realise writing has become part of my identity. It helps me feel sane and gives me an avenue to connect with the world and express what would otherwise be forgotten thoughts and experiences.

In 2015, I hope to become more serious and authentic in my writing. To not shy away from revealing the real me. To share about real fears, real aspirations, real struggles. It is scary being vulnerable, but sometimes it is also the only way to make a difference.

  1. To be a better wife

I know I said to leave family out of the picture, but I realised it is impossible. We’ve enjoyed seven years of marriage, but there’s still so much to learn.

In 2015, I will work to be more gracious and giving. I hope to pray more, and nag less. I will try to love and serve him with the time and energy that I have. I will also make more effort to care for myself. He deserves the best of me, not the rest of me.

  1. To connect with other women

In order for me to see these hopes come to fruition, I need to pen down clear directions and goals, and also seek support from the people around me. Community is key. I know I will not be able to make this happen on my own.

Part of my vision for myself in 2015 is to build and strengthen connections with like-minded women and mums. It’s easy as a mum to three little kids to make excuses and relegate social time to time spent on Facebook or whatsapping. So it’s back to old-school face-to-face meetups, and the best part? The cake or coffee that usually shows up too.

Expressing hope is a scary thing. Three hopes, and my knees are shaking.

But we all know that hope is essential. It gives your life greater meaning and focus. It can make a world of difference to a person in pain. It can give one the courage to soldier on.

And so in spite of the surge of bad news around the world, and sometimes feeling like the sky is falling, we hold onto hope.

If you haven’t already done so, I hope you will take time to pen down your personal hopes and dreams for 2015. We’re already almost done with January but it’s never too late.

Do remember to share those hopes with someone who will support you and help you along the way!

This guest post comes courtesy of June Yong, a writer-mum of three and creator of She shares grace-filled stories, lessons learnt, and ideas on how to live a simple and playful life with our families.


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