10 Reasons Why You Won’t Foster

There are many children in immediate need of a loving and stable family, and even more who need not stay in an institutionalized Children’s Home if there was a family willing to take them in.

But, surely, fostering isn’t for everyone!

Ever had these reasons run through your mind?

1.      I’d rather adopt.

Of course I would want to “save a homeless child”, but fostering is only a temporary arrangement. How much help could we afford a child if that assistance were to be cut short at any time?

2.      I didn’t even want children.

Not everyone is endowed with the gift and ability to care for kids. My spouse and I planned not to have kids of our own, so it’d be quite unthinkable for us to now consider fostering!

3.      I’d rather have my own.

If we did want children, my spouse and I would have opted to have one of our own making – our own flesh and blood. Fostering involves other people’s kids.

4.      I can’t even handle my own kids.

I understand that there aren’t any perfect children, but I’m not sure we are good-enough parents. As it is, we already feel like failures when it comes to bringing up our own children well.

5.      Got enough on my plate.

I’m already overwhelmed with work, household chores and family responsibilities, and continually challenged to find enough time for my own kids. I can’t imagine how we’d cope with an additional child.

6.      These kids have issues.

These children must be in the system for a reason. Even if it weren’t of their own choice, they are probably dealing with huge emotional issues and baggage from their family of origin. I don’t feel equipped to handle that.

7.      I can’t afford another kid.

We stopped having more kids because of the cost of raising a child in Singapore. Why then would we take on the burden of raising another child?

8.      I pay tax for the government to address this problem.

Shouldn’t this be the problem of the State? I thought that’s why we have Children’s Homes? I even donate to one of them.

9.      It’s not my calling.

It takes that special someone to open up their home to foster a child. I don’t think I have that kind of special ability.

10. I don’t have space in my home.

We just don’t have space for an additional person in our home. If we did, our extended family would have moved in already.

These reasons seem valid and logical. But what if the key to a child’s future lay in your home?

Fostering is admittedly a very personal decision that may involve some sacrifices. But take time today to explore how you can be that family for a child lacking one. And even if you aren’t ready to open up your home, you can still open up your heart to invest in helping a young person restore his/her belief in Family.


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