About Us

Every person’s life begins in a family. It’s where we first learn to give and receive love. Family relationships are intricate, complex, and always evolving. No matter how much you know, there’s always something to learn because people grow, learn, and change all the time.

With this blog, we aim to look at various topics from the perspective of different family members, and to discuss issues close to the heart of family life. We’ll talk about issues that are intrinsically linked to family, ranging from communication and intimacy, to work and current affairs.

We want to champion strong families because families matter. Our hope is to see homes with a safe environment for children to grow up in, where lasting relationships between husband and wife, parent and child, brother and sister are lived out.

Families are beautiful and make life worthwhile, for while we may not have it altogether, together we have it all.

Regular Writers

Abraham is an undergraduate who dreamed of playing professional football when he was 5 (and actually still does). While his love for football occupies a large part of his heart, the remaining portion is shared between his passion for photographing the wonders of God’s creation and love for his family.

Gary is the resident “blogger of few words” whose brevity and takes on love, life and daily interactions with his son are rather popular with readers. He loves his wife and son dearly, and enjoys jamming together with them as a family band.

Judith believes that having children is her most challenging yet exhilarating life experience yet. She’s a mum of two young boys who grapples with how to find work-life balance on a daily basis and loves to read up on other mums who successfully manage it.

LJ and her husband have been married 7 years and have three delightful children. They keep the romance alive by putting the children to bed early and listening to their favourite playlist of 90’s love songs.

Sue-Ann is a mother of two (with another on the way).  She enjoys nothing better than daydreaming of new ways for her family to take the stress out of living busy city lives.  Her children, Rainbow Sky and Chubs Salami – nicknames they gave themselves – are 7 and 4.


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