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Celebrate Mother & Father’s Day with a PARENTpedia!

Hello friends!

We’re sorry for the radio silence that has enveloped this blog over the past few months. Life caught up with us at the Focus office, and things have been a little crazy the past 6 months. Some highlights from the past few months include our first ever Christmas along Orchard Road, ran Date with Dad again *yay!*, conducted Adventure with Dad, a father-son bonding camp, for the first time ever.

We’re coming to the end of April, and that means Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are right around the corner! And here’s what we have for you….

Presenting the PARENTpedia Photobook!

Snapshots of the PARENTpedia Photobook

We have created the PARENTpedia Photobook: a personalized photobook that celebrates & honors the unique individual behind the title “Dad” or “Mom”, quirks and all 🙂

With our specially designed templates, you’ll get to do the following through the photobook:

  • Affirm their personality and character
  • Acknowledge their preferences, likes and dislikes
  • Appreciate their unique quirks and habits

Our corporate partner, p;log, has pledged 40% of all sales proceeds of the PARENTpedia Photobook to Focus on the Family Singapore. So your gift of love will go beyond your recipient and further the work of helping families thrive!

Help us spread the word by sharing the flyer below with your friends and family, find out more about the PARENTpedia on our website, or place your order with us now.

Thank you for your support 🙂

Celebrate Mother and Father's Day with a PARENTpedia Photobook!