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REVIEW: The Drop Box


The Drop Box is a Focus on the Family documentary in association with Kindred Image.

You don’t have to search long these days to find tales of heartbreak. Turn on the TV, visit a news website or open the newspaper and you’ll find an endless litany of hurt and horror, at home and abroad. It’s enough to make your heart numb. So much pain. So little hope.

The Drop Box is not one of those tales.

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REVIEW: Pixels


Galaga. Space Invaders. Centipede.

Way back in 1982, they were all the rage. Armed with a pocketful of tokens, hit the arcade and you were saving the world. That’s exactly what Sam Brenner and his best bud Cooper did on any given summer’s day.

Brenner was so good that he earned a spot in the first national video game championships and made it all the way to the final round … where he lost to a kid named Eddie (known as “The Fire Blaster”) on the dreaded Donkey Kong. He found out later that tapes of the competition were included in a time capsule that NASA launched into outer space.

It’s present day and Brenner isn’t feeling that special anymore. Because every time he’s faced a challenge in life, it feels like Donkey Kong all over again. And he can’t even pretend to get the current video game crazes. Who wants to run around blasting out digital brains in loud, nasty combat action?

And then Brenner’s fortunes suddenly change… when the aliens attack.

Giant versions of all old video game characters sent from the space aliens are attacking in various spots and blasting everything into 8-bit chunks. They’ve already taken out a military base in Guam, obliterated the Taj Mahal and are promising more mayhem.

Earth needs capable defenders! And that means one thing: Brenner and other tired, paunchy “arcaders” like him must get back in the game … and finally defeat Donkey Kong once and for all.

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REVIEW: Inside Out


Riley is a fun, goofy, hockey-loving 11 year old kid from Minnesota but take a dive into her gray matter and you’ll see towering shelves full of memories in her subconscious, cloud cities forming in her imagination and elaborate dreams taking shape.

In the control tower are Riley’s core emotions: Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger and Fear. They push buttons and help power Riley through each and every day, making marble-like memories all the while. Joy makes sure her youthful charge goes through life with a healthy dose of positivity and ensures that most memory marbles have that warm glow of happiness. She also does her utmost to make sure Sadness doesn’t touch anything.

But when Riley’s family uproots from Minnesota and moves all the way to San Francisco, something strange comes over Sadness. Suddenly, she wants to touch everything. And when Sadness takes control of Riley during the girl’s first day at a new school, a forlorn blue memory rolls out …

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REVIEW: Jurassic World

jurassic world

Venture capitalist John Hammond’s dreams of a dinosaur theme park have finally come to fruition. Not only have the InGen labs genetically reconstituted and cloned an array of fabulous previously extinct creatures, they’ve been able to incorporate these monsters into a fully functioning vacation spot.

The park’s investors have been calling for something bigger to add to the attraction line-up. So the lab boys whipped up a super beast that’s a blend of DNA strands from the T. rex, velociraptors and a bunch of other top-secret sources. This gigantic terror is an incredible nightmare; smart, powerful and fearsome. And sure to be a massive draw. They call it Indominus rex.

A new enormous attraction means more work for Claire, the park’s administrator. She’s been frantically pulling everything together—from investors to proper facility construction—before revealing this new beast to the public.

That includes dealing with staff members, like rugged ex-military guy Owen, who was brought in to care for the raptors and “evaluate patterns of vulnerability.” Owen is raising questions about the safety and wisdom of genetically creating something like the I. rex. But Claire figures he’s got no clue about the business side of this kind of enterprise.

That changes when the sly Indominus starts developing abilities the lab tests never predicted. And when the giant concoction manages to escape and begins killing everything in sight… Claire runs straight to Owen for a real chat about business. By then, everyone else is running as well.

And screaming.

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